Geminae at the Twin Cities Horror Festival

The 2018 MN Fringe Festival horror hit is back, new and improved! A routine mission goes awry when astronaut Cassie Matheson sees something impossible in her shuttle. At mission control, her sister Helen fights to bring her home. When the unthinkable happens, they learn just how unbreakable the bond between them is, with chilling consequences.

Dates: October 24th to November 3rd, 2019
Place: The Southern Theatre, 1420 S. Washington Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55454
Tickets: Festival passes available now


About Oncoming Productions

Oncoming Productions is a Minneapolis-based stage company dedicated to creating theater in a dark vein, focusing on movement, light, and sound.

The Company

  • Mallory Dillon
  • Sean Dillon
  • Becky Wilkinson Hauser
  • Erik Nielsen
  • Erik Ostrom
  • Victoria Pyan
  • Rob Ward

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